What is Happy Hub?

Who we are

Happy Hub is a safe space and community where everyone is welcome! Our mission is to connect like-minded women who are looking for a supportive space to make new friends and live their best life in Switzerland.

What we do

We provide our community with in person and virtual opportunities to make meaningful connections, laugh with friends, learn new things, celebrate the everyday wins, and share the highs and lows of living in Switzerland, juggling family and career, or running a business. Our goal is to create a supportive network of people who "get you" and share common interests.

Why we do it

Living in a foreign country can be hard. Language barriers, homesickness and differences in culture, along with taking care of family and home can make many women feel lonely and isolated. That's why we've created a little slice of "home" for women from all nationalities to come together, lift each other up and shine. When we help other women rise, we all shine! 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a warm, welcoming community of women who have the confidence to try new things, inspire others through their actions and create meaningful friendships that help them live their happiest life in Switzerland. 

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Connection and community make us stronger

If you want to go far, go with a group, especially a helpful, inspiring group!


You don't have to do it all alone

Ask for help and accept support from others. We're here for each other.


Kindness is the key to happiness

Smile, hug, hold open a door…small acts of kindness will make your day a brighter one!


Inspiration comes in all forms

Get creative and be open to new ideas and trying new things.


Sharing is caring

Share your strengths with others. We all have something we're good at, so let’s help one another!

Happy members are saying...
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As a new entrepreneur, I am excited to participate in the many events and workshops tailored to small business owners. Our Happy Place has a warm, welcoming vibe that sparks your creativity but also brings a sense of calm to the soul. You feel like you could tackle anything!

- Janelle A., Thalwil ZH


Julie is a natural when it comes to bringing together a wonderful tribe of happy & creative people in a warm & welcoming space. At Our Happy Place, strangers are transformed into friends. 


- Ági B., Zurich


Julie’s care and attention to detail creates a beautiful atmosphere that’s amazing and special. It’s a local business and since we are local too, I instantly felt at home! I could have moved straight in.

- Ulli P., Kilchberg ZH


I've known Julie for over 20 years and she's a ton of fun. I've been to a lot of networking events, but none have made me feel as welcome and at home as the OHP crew do! I left energized and inspired!


- Barbara N., Zurich