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Gotthardstrasse 34, 8800 Thalwil

076 561 31 33


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Too busy to plan your child's upcoming birthday party? Hate cleaning up the mess created by 10-12 of your child's "closest" friends? Or better yet, YOU want to have a party in a beautiful space, but have no time to organise it? Have no fear, Our Happy Place can take care of all your needs! 
We are happy to organise your party from start to finish and can guarantee happy faces at the end! 

From painting to stamping to mini photoshoots, we can offer your creative child a party to remember!

Kids party packages

Ages 7-12


From hand lettering to spa parties, we have something special to offer your teen!

Teen Party Packages

Ages 12-16


We can organise a party to suit your desires! Creative and wellness themes available upon request.

Adult bespoke parties

Ages 16 to 99