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Our Happy Place offers a variety of creative workshops to keep your creative juices flowing. From learning the basics of hand lettering to trying out all the new trends such as woven wall hangings and macramé, we are here to help! All materials and instructions in German and English are provided, so you just need to show up and remember how much fun (and RELAXING) it is to focus on something that is not the ironing :-)!
We also work with other artisans and entrepreneurs, so if you are interested in holding a course at Our Happy Place, please contact us for more information!
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Creative DIY Kits

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Get creative with our DIY Creative Kits!


Creative Workshops

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Variety of creative workshops, including hand lettering, 

seasonal topics and more.


Creative Kids Camp

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We offer fun, creative camps during the holidays for kids ages 7-12. 


You may be spending more time at home but we've got you covered: visit our shop, select the product you like and we will deliver it directly to your door!