Business Booster FAQs

Why should I sign up for a Business Booster Membership? 

Our mission is to provide our members with a collaborative community whereby you can share ideas and knowledge for starting your own business, boosting your current business and taking time to make meaningful connections with like-minded women. Our creative, open-plan space is perfect for meeting colleagues or clients where confidentiality is not necessarily a priority. You can choose to sit on a comfy sofa or work at one of 3 multi-seat tables in two separate spaces. Your membership also includes:

  • 6 month membership from time of purchase

  • Total of 18 coworking sessions which you can allocate flexibly (you can even bring a guest).  

  • 15% discounts on Business Booster events run by experts (standard rate: CHF 75)

  • 15% discount on our standard space rental rates (standard rates: CHF 40/hour up to 5 people, CHF 140 / 3 hours, CHF 280 / 8 hours)

  • Free “members only” celebration party in June to celebrate our big (and little) business wins


Price per month for the membership is only CHF 65, which is a little over 2 Starbucks coffees per week!


How do I meet other members? 

We have an online “Members Blog” on which you can see members, as well as important information about the membership. We are continually building this up as our membership grows. 


What times can I use the coworking space?

At the moment, you can use the coworking space during our normal business hours below:

Tuesday: 9am-12pm

Wednesday: 9am-12pm

Thursday: 9am-12pm / 1:30-4:30pm


It might be that we have a creative workshop, German coffee morning or business booster workshop taking place during our normal work hours. All of our events are shown on our homepage (link), so you can plan ahead. You are welcome to join them or if you think you need to get serious and get stuff done, bring along your headphones to focus on your work or use the separate room from the event. 


Do you need other opening times? Please feel free to suggest them to us. We are currently looking at options to open more days/times, so stay tuned for more updates to this topic! 


Do I need to register or book the coworking space online before coming?

Yes, please book your preferred time slot via the “Book Online” button on our homepage or by clicking the link here:

This allows us to keep the group to around 8 people. 

Cancellation policy: You can cancel a booked session 24 hours in advance at no cost. Cancellation less than 24 hours incurs cost of CHF 20 (for non-members) or loss of coworking session from the membership plan if a member.


Can I bring a guest? Do they need to pay?

We would LOVE for you to bring a guest! You can use one of your coworking sessions for your guest or they can book and pay on-line for the 3 hour session. 


Do you have a private meeting room available?

We have two large rooms which are separated by a door that can be closed. Depending on the number of people working, it could be possible to use the smaller of the two rooms. Best is to check with us ahead of your visit to see if it is available on the day/time you wish to use it.


I would love to join but I have a baby/toddler...Do you offer childcare services?

We do not offer childcare services for the standard coworking space. You are welcome to bring your baby or small child as long as you remain fully responsible for the child during your visit.  For our Business Booster events, we can organize childcare depending on the needs of participants.


Are dogs allowed in your space?

We understand that some dogs cannot be left home alone for an extended time. Your dog is welcome as long as it is well behaved and not aggressive towards other members/ individuals who may also be present. Please let us know when booking that you`re bringing a dog. We do ask, however, that you please be considerate of others working in the space and if the dog causes a problem due to an allergy or fear, that you take the dog home and come again another time. 


What amenities do you have that I can use?

Our coworking space offers: 

  • Free Wi-fi

  • Coffee/tea - one per person per session is included in the membership fee. Extras are CHF 2 per cup (payable to our pink piggie next to the coffee machine).  Water is always available at no fee.

  • Laser printer can be used for CHF 0.30 per sheet (connection via USB cable)

  • One large desktop monitor (Apple) is available for use at CHF 10 per session

  • Standing whiteboard (can be moved to various areas depending on need)

  • Paper, pens, post-it notes, creative bits and bobs

  • Happy, cozy atmosphere 


Are you missing anything? Just tell us what you would like and we’ll look into it!


Where can I park my car?

The following parking options are available:

  • Street parking on Gotthardstrasse - meters for 1 hour

  • Coop parking garage - can get expensive if parking for more than 2-3 hours

  • Bahnhofstrasse - there is metered parking on both sides of the Bahnhofstrasse where you pay 1 CHF per hour. 


To get to Our Happy Place, you can walk through the pedestrian tunnel (be sure to look at our advertising in the window before Track ¾!) and then take the pedestrian bridge on the Zurich end of Thalwil where Köllibeck is. 


Alternatively, the train is super easy and only a 3 minute walk to Our Happy Place!