5 ways to get your creative juices flowing

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I love this quote! It encompasses everything I know about the creative process and tells you to forget about making mistakes and just go for it...have fun!

So why do so many people say "Oh, I can't do that...I'm not creative" or "I don't have a creative bone in my body"? It hurts me to hear these phrases. We were all born creative. Think of all the games kids make up and play with their friends. Or the amount of creativity it takes for teenagers to come up with stories to tell their parents when they REALLY want to do something (or perhaps to HIDE something)!

Why does the creative thinking process disappear when we age? Is it a result of too many "to dos"on our lists? Or convenience of watching the next big series on Netflix? Or is it simply thinking if you can't come up with the idea yourself, you're not creative? Maybe it is a combo of all of these things!

Getting your creative juices flowing again is really pretty easy to do! Here are five easy ways to make time for creative activities in your life:

Bullet Journal, Journal Kit

1. Start a creative journal and take 20 minutes per day to draw, sketch, write, paint or do whatever you like in it.

Find images of whatever you like you like on Pinterest or Google and copy them. Yes, I said COPY THEM! You can learn so much through copying others. Just don't try to sell it as your own!

We have the ultimate journal kit in our shop that provides all you need to get started!

Creative workshops, watercolour

2. Sign up for an online creative course to learn something new. There are so many talented artists that you can learn from that are based all over the world! This year I have done an incredible embroidery course from a lovely Spanish lady (thank goodness for subtitles!) and am currently doing a drawing and watercolour course from the amazing artist, Danielle Donaldson who is based in the USA.

Handmade Card, DIY Card

3. Make handmade cards and send to friends and family that you cannot see right now due to Covid-19 restrictions. Although we live in a digital world where sending a text is much faster, receiving a handmade card in the mail provides the ultimate mood booster!

Not sure where to start? Check out our DIY Card Kits where we provide cool stamped images and lots of gorgeous little bits & bobs to make your cards!

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