The Corona virus has not only impacted the way we go to school and work, it has also affected how we celebrate. Store closures make buying gifts and party supplies difficult. Children are sad that they can’t invite their friends to their birthday party. And you, being Supermom, are doing all you can to run the house, teach your kids how to do math the Swiss way (some of you know what I'm talking about!) and generally trying to keep the peace in your house without pulling your hair out (which is in desperate need of a cut and color). 


Here are 7 tips to help you celebrate birthdays or other special events during these extraordinary times!

Time flies when you are having fun...and it flies even faster when you have children! One day they are turning “1” and stuffing chocolate cake into their mouth with their hands and the next they are “16” (going on 25). You think to yourself, “How did this happen? How did they grow up so fast??? I want to remember every moment this year so I don’t forget this special day!”. Here are a couple ideas to create memories that will last forever.

1. Have an interview with the birthday child/teen/adult. Download this free Birthday Interview questionnaire and take a video of them reading their answers (side note...this could make great blackmail material for you when they get older :-) ).

2. Make your own photo props and take silly pictures that you can print and put into a handmade mini photo album.

Be thankful for technology and all that it offers us in these crazy times! From Zoom to HouseParty to Skype, there’s an app out there to help you connect with friends and families while we are in lockdown! But how can you still give that “physical” presence to your party? Here are a few ideas!

3. Bake cupcakes or your child’s favorite sweet and make your own cake topper(s) out of washi tape, paper & pens, string and wooden skewers/toothpicks. 

4. Invite your friends to a virtual party! Make handmade invitations or cards showing the virtual party date and time and deliver to friends' mailboxes along with a cupcake or something sweet they can eat with you during the “party”.  

5. No party decorations? Create your own! There are so many easy decorations you can make yourself. Garlands brighten up the room and can be made out of just about anything, from paper, yarn (tassels and pom poms), balloons, and fabric to painted pasta and beads. Get creative! Buy our PARTY-IN-A-BOX kit to make your own cake toppers, invitations, party hats and more. If you still need some ideas, check out our Birthday Party Ideas Pinterest board!   

Now comes the fun part: games and activities! Depending on your child’s age and what interests they have, there’s loads of fun to be had using everyday things around the house. So what can you do? 

6. DIY party games, such as themed treasure hunts, balloon games, charades, music challenges, dance offs...there’s sooooo much to choose from! Here’s a great source of party games for kids from the Childhood 101 blog. You can also host virtual games with your friends and family.

7. Create a magical “sleepover” movie night in your lounge. Àgi, the lovely owner of Teepee Friends, suggests placing mattresses on the floor, piling them high with all the cushions you can find and adding some final touches with flowy fabric and fairy light garlands. Et voilà, the perfect atmosphere to watch a favorite movie in! Oh, and don't forget the popcorn!

If you choose to do only a couple or all of the above, you will definitely put a smile on your child’s face! And once this is all over and life returns to some sort of normal (whatever that might be!), we will be happy to welcome you at Our Happy Place to celebrate face to face! 

In the meantime, download your free Birthday Interview questionnaire and contact us at info@ourhappyplace.ch if we can help you with custom gift ideas for creative kids, teens and adults!