How to create a mini Embroidery Hoop brooch

Creating a mini embroidery hoop brooch is a great way to start your embroidery journey and is much easier than you may think! You can draw a simple pattern or totally free hand stitch your design depending on your experience level.

Materials needed

- cotton fabric of your choice

- Frixion pen: this type of pen is erasable when heat is applied

- needle and embroidery floss

- mini embroidery hoop set

- paper to create a pattern onto


Let's get started!!

The mini hoops have the following pieces:

- screw with 2 nuts

- 1 flexible wooden hoop

- 1 small wooden piece to wrap your completed image around for inside the wooden hoop

- 1 large wooden piece to mount on the back when finished

Take the smaller wooden piece, and trace it onto a piece of paper. Draw or copy a pattern onto it to see how it will look. Be careful to keep your pattern in the center and not have a pattern that has intricate stitches around the edges, as this might be difficult to mount later on.

Now that you know what you want to stitch, trace the hoop onto your fabric and copy the embroidery design onto your fabric using the Frixion pen. The Frixion pen marks will be easily removed later on with an iron.

Mount the fabric with the pattern into a larger hoop to do your stitching. You can also do it without mounting it depending on the size and difficulty of what you would like to stitch. I often find it easier to just hold the fabric in my hands rather than to mount it into another hoop, but this is very individual and you can do what feels best for you!

Grab your embroidery thread and split it into half (see photo). Normal embroidery thread has 6 strands and I find that to be too thick when stitching the mini hoops. By splitting the strands into 3 and 3, it results in the perfect thickness of most stitches I like to use. Thread one end through your needle and tie off the other end with a knot to keep the thread from pulling through your fabric when you start stitching.

Now comes the fun part...stitching your pattern! I chose the woven wheel embroidery stitch that makes a pretty little flower. Here's a wonderful post from showing some basic embroidery stitches that you can use. There are also hundreds of tutorials for stitches on You Tube if you find watching something easier than reading.

Once you are done with your stitching, remove your fabric from the larger hoop and trim it down leaving about 1cm around the template of your hoop (see photo above).

It's time to mount your beautifully stitched image! First you need to remove the template you drew onto the fabric by ironing it. I love how easy this is using the Frixion pens!

Place your fabric with image over the smaller wooden piece that came with the mini hoop kit and press it into the flexible wooden frame until the fabric is at the front edge of the hoop. If you want to create a padded look, you can add a small bit of cotton wool stuffing between your fabric and the small wooden piece.

Take one of the small nuts and screw it all the way to the head of the screw. Put this through the two holes at the top of the flexible wooden hoop and then screw on the other nut. This can be a little fiddly sometimes, but with persistence, you will get there!