How to Declutter & Organise Your Craft Supplies

Stuck at home due to some version of a lockdown? Use this time to declutter and get organised and creative in 2021!

Being a creative atelier, we have A LOT of supplies (and I mean A LOT of supplies)! Like many creatives, we have waves of feeling super energised to organise, reorganise and, then reorganise some more. However, tackling and creating order of craft supplies is much harder than organising your bedroom or kitchen...especially for creative hoarders like ourselves. We see things on sale and think "Oh, I could make something super cute with that!" or we just can't seem to part with that gorgeous paper purchased eons ago because we may use it some day, some how... Does this sound familiar? Does your craft cupboard look like this?

How NOT to organise your craft supplies!

Don't be discouraged! With these 7 easy steps to declutter and organise your craft supplies, you will be feeling happy and inspired to create again!

7 steps to organise your craft supplies

1. Start in one corner of the room or with one drawer in your craft cupboard. It can be overwhelming to look at the whole picture and just see "stuff". Start small and work your way through one area at a time.

2. Assess what you have. Make piles for each type of materials you have, such as adhesives, stamps, cutting tools, papers and so on. First, create four areas and place papers with the headings "keep", “trash”, “give away” and “sell" into each area. Next, go through your materials category by category and place your supplies into these piles. If you haven’t used something for years (and doubt you ever will), it’s time to say thank you and good bye. Believe me, you will feel much lighter and happier afterwards!

3. Store like items together. By storing like items together, you know exactly where to go when you are looking for a specific tool or material.

Declutter and organise craft supplies
Store like items together so you only have to look in one place

Here are some example categories you could include:

  1. Writing tools - pens, pencils, erasers

  2. Cutting tools - paper cutter, punches, Big Shot (and die cut accessories), cutting mats and knives, scissors

  3. Adhesives - glue sticks, liquid glues, glue dots/tapes, special glues

  4. Paper products - cardstock, decorative papers, cards, paper embellishments

  5. Stamping products - stamp sets, ink pads, acrylic blocks, reinkers, stamp cleaner

  6. Stickers & embellishments - stickers, chipboard, rhinestones

  7. Paints, brushes and special papers, eg. watercolour paper

  8. Fabric, ribbons, felt, sewing notions - store in individual boxes with labels in the same area

  9. Books and magazines - for inspiration!

  10. Projects - keep aside 2-3 boxes for projects you are working on where you want to keep all supplies for that project together

The key to this is to create the categories that work best for you!

4. Use clear storage boxes so you can see what you have and not forget. We used to use the white boxes from IKEA with labels on them, but found that: a) we stuffed them too full and could not really find things when we wanted something, and b) if we couldn't see it, we forgot about it! Clear boxes and bins help eliminate these issues. If you choose to use boxes, clearly label them so you know what is inside and do not stuff them full or use them as a "hiding place" for things that do not have a home!

5. Keep items you use often front & centre for easy access. Use pretty pots to keep your essentials like pens, one pair of scissors and a ruler close at hand.

6. Create a space for inspiration.

Inspiring, creative workspace
Create an inspiring space!

Inspiration plays a large role in how creative we are! Choose a small space in your craft area to hang an inspiration board that you can clip inspiring photos, color swatches, fabrics or whatever brings joy. Create a cozy reading corner where you can curl up with a cup of tea and your favourite books and magazines. It's YOUR space, so make it feel warm and inviting!

7. Just start! If you feel too overwhelmed to even start, set a timer for 20 minutes, turn on your favourite upbeat playlist and start in one drawer!

Here's one of our craft cupboards after we finished organising (previous looked like the picture above!). Now we can grab bins easily to create our DIY Kits or set up a mini photo book birthday party for a special child.

Happy weekend and have fun organising!! Tag us on Instagram with your gorgeous, decluttered spaces!

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