Time for something new!

Why hello there and welcome to our FIRST BLOG POST!

What do you do when:

a) you are in lockdown in your home for an indeterminate amount of time due to COVID-19

b) you are stuck home schooling two teenagers (or trying to in-between moaning and eating at odd times throughout the day)

c) you are dividing space up between your hubby's "home office" work and your own

d) you are forever cleaning up after the mayhem brought on by all of you being under one roof EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF EVERY SINGLE DAY...oh, and you also have a dog who is starting to shed her winter coat?


Start a blog, of course!

There's no time like the present to start something new! We look forward to sharing creative inspiration, DIY projects and happy thoughts to take your mind off of the stress and anxiety that comes along with every day life.

We will be back soon with some fun, easy Easter projects for you to do with your kids (or without the kids if that may be the case)!

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