Zentangle Bunny Tutorial

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Do you need a little zen in your life to escape from the current stress and anxiety? Or perhaps you need something that will keep your kids busy to give you that zen feeling? This is a fun, easy project for all ages!


Bunny printable (source: Teacher Start)

Black fine liner pens of varying sizes

Colored pencils or pens (optional)

A4 watercolour paper (optional)

Watercolour paints or Aquarelle pencils (optional)


  1. Print out bunny printable sheets .

  2. Find a quiet spot, grab a tea (or glass of something stronger) and start doodling and drawing different patterns and shapes within the lines of the bunny (creating patterns like this is called "zentangle"). For inspiration, check out our Zentangle board on Pinterest! Take your time and let everything in your mind go quiet while you doodle away. Cut out your bunny when you are finished. (This might take you a couple days to get done :-)!)

  3. Now color or design your glasses for your cool bunny. Bright colours look super on the black and white bunny. Cut out the glasses.

  4. If you have watercolours and watercolour paper, you can now create a background. Get creative with the watercolours - make spots, rainbows, or soft washes of colour. If you want to add more, let the paper dry and take fine liners or gel pens and add small details to the shapes. Possibilities are endless!

  5. No watercolours? No problem! Take a piece of brightly coloured paper or create a background using white paper and coloured pencils or markers.

Create a series of bunnies and display in frames for a fun and funky Easter decor. Send one to Omi or Opa or your best friend. Just enjoy the process!

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